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Cementing immortal bonds of strength… 
Bonds of Trust  
More than 10,000 customers have trusted us, including 1000 NRI's. Through we have more than 100 completed projects to our credit and over 10 million sq.ft of built area, still we treat any project the way we treated our first one; as a fresh venture and every new customer with the enthusiasm of a beginner. It is this attribute of ours that has enabled us to delight our customers, and not just satisfy them.
Quality - An Essential Ingredient
At Mantri, we have an obsession for quality. Quality in materials and technology used quality in design and layout, quality in maintenance and after - sales service. Thanks to our fully equipped R & D department and our dedicated team of engineers, every Mantri projects is quality personified. With quality as our forte, and customer delight our goal we have created over 600 masterpieces in Pune, Solapur, Mumbai, Kalyan, Delhi and Bangalore. These creations are competitively priced, strategically located, delivered on time, contemporary, yet timeless, that spell value for money.
Harmony in complete agreement… 
We build art as a synthesis of life in materialized form
"Humble beginning ensure great success in the future"
The perfect epitome of the above statement is our father Mr. Pandurang Mantri. His career swapping more than five decades saw a modest inception with oil and dal mills from a small town 'Osmanabad'. Versatile and flexible to the core, he took no time to switch over as a cloth merchant. Our father laid the foundation of Mantri Construction in the year 1985. He was the founder member and president of Pune stock Exchange. His solid dedication and razor sharp intellect shaped the Mantri Construction Business. It's a matter of great honor that today we got an opportunity to felicitate our father's achievements.  
The Inception 
Before our foray into the construction business, we had already carved a niche for ourselves in the fields of Stock broking, leasing, financing and automobile forgings. The experience and expertise that we gained over the years helped us to knit ourselves into a totally professional unit. 
Human Resources - Our foundation of Growth
At Mantri we have a vast pool of top - of - the - line engineers and architects. A mixture of experience and youth, these personnel are given the freedom to be creative. Regular training programs keep them abreast of the latest technological advances. In our continuous effort to improve ourselves, we established the Mantri Institute of Development & Research (MIDR) in 1993.
Our innovative HR policies have helped us.
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