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Large Scale Real Estate Development requires capital, manpower, expertise, experience, which very often, an individual cannot undertake. Typically, owner of the land may own land, but may not have funds to fully exploit its potential. Similarly, the developer with resources may need land to employ his resources profitably. Both the owner and developer join hands to develop the land. This is termed as 'Joint Venture' or 'Joint Development'.  
In order to avoid huge amounts to be spent for the procurement of property, the developers venture jointly with land owners through 'Joint Venture' or 'Joint Development', and develop the property and hand over certain portion of the built-up area to the land owner. The built-up area given to the land owner depends on the prevailing market value of land in that area at the time of project commencement.   
Mantri Properties requires residential or commercial lands/plots/properties, either on sale or on joint development basis in various cities of India. Clear titled, non-tenanted properties in good locations will be considered. 
Please write with details including plot dimensions, location map, road width, applicable FAR/FSI and expected commercial terms, at : 
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